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Wild Rockies Series Results & Celebration

2010 Sponsor Appreciation and Series Champions Awards Party
Presented by Wild Rockies Racing Team and Duke Enterprises

SAT Dec. 11th at 7 PM

FOOD, BEVERAGES and music provided
2364 Independence Dr.
Boise , ID 83706
THANK you for a great year, Darren, Lorien, Brian, Paul and Jessie.
WE would like to recognize our 2010 Series Champions and the Idaho State Champions.
They have shown dedication to their respective disciplines. Furthermore, they have met the requirements outlined by the national governing body (USA Cycling) and Wild Rockies to be considered champions of their catagory and disciplines.

Also, a special shout-out to everyone who volunteered or sponsored the events, it would not be the same without your support.

2010 XC Champions
Pro Women- Jana Rapulski
Pro Men- Darren Lightfield
Cat 1 Women- 30+ Lori Harvey
Cat 1 Men- 19-29 Jon Trojacek
Cat 1 Men- 30-39 Kevin Donovan
Cat 1 Men- 40+ Brian Taylor
Cat 1 Men- 50+ Cahill Jones
Singlespeed- Matt Newbill
Cat 2 Women- 19-29 Kate Shanahan
Cat 2 Women- 40+ Kendra Smith
Cat 2 Men- 13-15 Liam Earl
Cat 2 Men- 19-29 Tyler Matheson
Cat 2 Men- 30-39 Mark Griffith
Cat 2 Men- 40+ Frank Benzing
Cat 2 Men- 50+ Weston Wheat
Cat 2 Men- 60+ Wild Bill Dickerson
Cat 3 Men- 14under Jacob Payne
2010 Regional Downhill Champs
Pro Men- Darren Lightfield
Cat 1 Men- 19-29 Taylor Reed
Cat 1 Men- 30-39 Eric Frost
Cat 2 Men- 13-15 Jackson Negri
Cat 2 Men- 19-29 Ian Butler
Cat 2 Men- 40+ Bill Larkin
Cat 3 Men- 14under Chandler Martin
Idaho State Short-Track XC Champions
Pro class, Dave Harrison and Jana Repulski
Cat 1 40+ men, Justin Maines
Cat 1 19-29 men, Art Widmar
Cat 1 30-39 men, Adam Wirth
Single-Speed, Eric Rector
Cat 2 30-39 women, Kate Shanahan
Cat 2 40+ women, Wendi Rector
Cat 2 40+ men, Frank Benzing
Cat 2 50+ men, Weston Wheat
Cat 2 19-29 men, Ian Butler
Cat 2 35-39 men, Joey Pirelli
Cat 2 30-34 men, Mark Griffith
Cat 3 19-29 men, Caleb Smith
Cat 3 13-14 Junior men, Jacob Payne
Idaho State Downhill Champions
Pro Class, Darren Lightfield
Cat 1 19-29 men, Nathan Avery
Cat 1 16-18 men, Lucas Cowan
Cat 1 30-39 men, Eric Frost
Cat 1 50+ men, Steven Parrish
Cat 2 13-15 Junior men, Bobby Unser 3
Cat 2 19-29 men, Justin Covey
Cat 3 12 & under Junior, Garrison Keane
Cat 3 13-15 Junior men, Tory Hilde
Cat 3 19-29 men, Daniel Guag
Idaho State Dual Slalom Champions
Pro Class, Silas Hesterburg
Cat 1 19-29 women, Kasey Hochmuht
Cat 1 30-39 men, Moses Mexia
Cat 1 19-29 men, Tylor Gunn
Cat 1 30-39 men, Tony Sams
Cat 2 19-29 men, Taylor Reed
Cat 2 30-39 men, Joey Pirelli
Cat 3 13-15 Junior men, Jack Negri
Cat 3 19-29 men, Jack Hoobler
Idaho State Super D Champions
Pro Class, Lorien Lightfield and Darren Lightfield
Cat 3 19-29 men, Allan Klein
Cat 3 13-15 Junior men, Chandler Martin
Cat 2 19-29 men, Ian Butler
Cat 2 30-39 men, Mark Giffith
Cat 2 50+ men, Bill Dickerson
Cat 2 30-39 women, Virginia Bronson
Cat 1 19-29 men, Taylor Reed
Cat 1 30-39 men, Phillp Vega
Cat 1 40+ men, Brad Gillette
Cat 1 50+ men, Steven Parrish
2010 Trail Running Champs
Female - Barb Kreisle
Male - Jon Trojacek
Male 50+ Gerry Guzman

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